1. The Club shall be called the GODSTONE CLUB and shall be situated in the premises known as Godstone Club and Institute. It shall be the headquarters of the Godstone Branch of the Royal British Legion, the Women’s Club, the Sports organisations and any other organisation(s) affiliated to the Godstone Institute Charitable Trust.

2. The Officers of the Godstone Club shall be the President, Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the Godstone Institute Charitable Trust.

3. There shall be not more than four and no fewer than two Trustees of the Club who shall be appointed from time to time as necessary by the Club in General Committee from among ordinary or honorary members who are willing to be so appointed.

A Trustee shall hold office during his/her life or until he/she shall resign by notice in writing given to the General Committee, or until a resolution removing him/her from office shall be passed at a General Committee of the Club by a majority comprising two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote.

4. The General Committee for Management of the Club shall be the Godstone Institute Charitable Trust General Committee.

The General Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in each calendar month to transact the general business of the Club.

It may appoint sub-committees from its own members for the purpose of bar management, social arrangements, and for any other purpose it may think fit.

Annual General Meeting
5. The Annual General Meeting, of which one week’s notice shall be given, shall be held not later than the 30th day of April in each year at such time and place as the General Committee shall determine.

At this meeting the audited accounts shall be presented and passed for adoption and the Auditors for the following year appointed.

Members to be elected by the Club to the General Committee must be over 18 years of age and their nomination be published on the notice board at least seven days before the election which shall be by secret ballot to be held during the seven days immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting and no Royal British Legion member, unless he or she be also a Club member, shall vote in this ballot.

The General Committee shall appoint the necessary officers to conduct the ballot. Any person nominated as a member of the General Committee should have indicated in writing his/her willingness to stand.

Special General Meeting
6. A Special General Meeting of the members of the Club shall be convened by the Secretary at any time on receipt of a requisition signed by at least twelve members.

Ten days’ notice specifying the object and the time and place of such Meeting shall be given to the members.

The quorum for a Special General Meeting shall be twelve.

7. The terms of subscription and nomination fee shall be agreed each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Subscriptions shall be payable on the 1st January each year.

In the event of a member not paying this subscription within three months of the due date or date of election to membership, his/her membership shall be lapsed.

No person whose membership has lapsed may use the Club nor be introduced as a guest of another member.

The General Committee have power to make a pro rate abatement in the event of members joining after 31st March.

8. A candidate for election for membership to the Club must be proposed and seconded by two members each of whom has personal knowledge of the candidate and approved by an Officer or Committee member.

For the purpose of membership “Godstone and the surrounding district” shall be deemed to be that of the Tandridge District Council Area.

The name of the candidate for election shall be posted in the Club for seven days and at the expiration of that period no objection in writing has been received by the Honorary Secretary the candidate, if over 16 years of age, will be considered a member subject to the approval of two thirds of the General Committee present at meeting.

A nomination fee must be paid by the candidate on nomination, to be refunded in the event of non-election.

Candidates not elected to membership shall not be permitted admission as visitors.

New members shall not be eligible to propose or second candidates for membership until they have themselves held membership for a period of twelve months.

For exceptional service to the Club the General Committee may confer on individuals rendering these services the office of Honorary Vice President who shall not beliable for an annual subscription.

Any member becoming a Senior Citizen and being a member for a minimum of ten years may also apply for Life Membership for which there shall be no charge. Club members moving away from the district may, subject to the approval of the General Committee, be admitted as Life Members for which the subscription shall be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year.

All members of the Godstone Branch of the Royal British Legion shall be admitted as members of the Club without payment of subscription subject to an annual agreement with their Committee and the General

Committee for an annual fee to cover their subscriptions, provided always that no person shall be so admitted who has sought and failed to be elected to membership by the General Committee.

Any person not permanently residing in the area may, subject to the approval of the General Committee, be admitted as a member of the Club for a period not exceeding three months in any one year upon payment in advance of a pro rata subscription in accordance with that agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year.

9. Members shall be privileged to introduce visitors but no person shall be introduced as a visitor more than once in seven days unless they are non-resident.

Members introducing visitors must accompany them during their stay in the Club. The member and the visitor introduced shall sign their names in a book kept for that purpose. The member shall be responsible for the visitor while within the Club.

Any visitor to the Club, not being a member thereof, shall not pay for alcoholic refreshments.

It shall be the duty of any Officer or member of the Club becoming aware of such a breach of the Rules to report it at once to the Secretary or to the General Committee.

Hours of Opening
10. The Club shall be open daily subject to the power of the General Committee to extend or curtail the hours of opening as they think fit. The General Committee may make a Bye-law fixing the permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor within the Local Licensing Laws, and publish the same by affixing a notice in a prominent place in the Club premises.

11. No drunkenness, bad language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. Any member offending under this Rule shall be automatically suspended from the time of the alleged breach of the Rule until dealt with by the General Committee.

The General Committee have power to reprimand, extend suspension or expel any member who infringes these Rule or Bye-laws, or whose conduct in their opinion renders him/her unfit for membership of the Club, but no member shall have suspension extended or be expelled without first being summoned before the Committee to explain his/her conduct, nor unless a majority of two-thirds of the Committee then present shall vote for an extension of the suspension or expulsion.

The summons must be sent by Recorded Delivery letter from the Committee giving fourteen days’ notice of appearance.

A suspended member shall forfeit all rights and privileges under these Rules but shall remain liable to pay subscriptions during the period of suspension.

Billiard Rules
12. A charge is normally made for every half-hour but the General Committee have power to increase or reduce this charge from time to time as they may determine.

Members desirous of playing must enter their names in the book kept for that purpose.

Rules shall be those as agreed by the General Committee from time to time.

Alteration of Rules
13. These Rules may be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, but notice of any proposed alteration or addition shall be posted in the Club for at least 14 days previous to the Meeting to which the alteration or addition is to be submitted, and any alteration or addition shall require a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present.